Monday, June 21, 2010

Boathouse Row

This is a view of Boathouse Row from the river. The small waterfall is from the river's water works, which used to be the biggest water treatment plant in the country, and is now a museum about water.


  1. i'd like to be on a boat right there right about now..

  2. I love being near water!
    In reference to your questions about the 100 Strangers project. I typically approach someone who I find interesting, tell them so, then tell them about my project and ask if they'd like to participate. You can get more information at It's hosted through So my blog is my main photo outlet, but I'll post some images and all of my stranger photos on Flickr. I also have a business card I give out that just has my name, email, and site address so they can view the post I did on them. The rules are that it has to be a stranger, you must ask permission & tell them it will be on your site, and tell a little about them. It's nerve racking, challenging, and fun. I definitely suggest you do it if it at all interest you!