Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A very specific sign

This sign is a little too specific, I think. On the escaltor you cannot push your baby stroller, wear roller skating sneakers or crocs! Crocs? Why can't people wear crocs on the escalator?


  1. LOL, this is funny wouldn't crocs be like flipflos

  2. There have been stories in the news about crocs getting caught... just like flip flops or untied shoe laces, I think that picture is more to prevent any lawsuits that might occur should it happen!

    Yes, they are UGLY, but the only shoes that I have found that I can be on my feet at work for 7 hours and I'm not dying when I come home!!!!

  3. Yup. They have been known to get caught in the escalator and so, to avoid lawsuits...I mean injury...it's best not to wear them on an escalator.

    And double yup, they are ugly. LOL!

  4. I think it's just trying to tell you not to wear Crocs.......