Monday, August 1, 2011

Guapos Tacos!

One of the many yummy food trucks around Philadelphia! Seriously, their tacos are something to write home about!


  1. Just came back from a week in NYC, Philly and Seaside Heights. HOT! Strange design on the truck panel. Legos???? hahahaha

  2. That is something Tampa needs more of...Delicious food trucks. I ate VERY well the last time I visited Philly!

  3. I am so excited to find another philly blogger! we should meet up sometime! PS. Im hosting an instagram link up on Monday, would love you to join! xxoo!!!

    {a little dash of ash}

  4. Hey there, thanks so much for following Wandering Spice! Really excited to have another photography lover on board.

    It's a great idea to walk around and take photos of your new surroundings... I started doing the same thing when I moved to Melbourne, then combined it with cooking and -poof- out came a blog :)

    Looking forward to seeing what you discover, and show us a picture of the tacos, will you?

  5. mmm..i bet they're so good! What a stylish truck that is! ;)